HUNTINGDON VALLEY, PA – October 8, 2010 – The Sapling Company, Inc. has successfully completed its UL and cUL certification of its SMA Series Master Clock, as well as the SMA Series Repeaters.

The SMA Series Master Clock is a multi-function device that allows users to control their wired or wireless clock system, as well as perform additional tasks such as event scheduling, Daylight Saving Time adjustments, digital countdown functionality and NTP or GPS synchronization capabilities.  Additionally, The Sapling Company’s SMA 1000 Wireless Repeater and Network Repeater allows longer reach of the wireless signal while receiving time via RF or TCP/IP, respectively.

“Sapling is proud to announce the completion of our UL and cUL certification of our SMA Series Master Clock and Repeaters,” said Tom Panek, Sapling’s Director of Sales.  “We always strive to make the most innovative products in the industry and now that we have completed UL and cUL certification, customers have one more reason to trust the Sapling brand.”

Perhaps the most unique feature in the SMA Series Master Clock is the ability to control the entire master clock and all of its features through its web interface, which is built directly into the master clock.  This affords the user to set features or changes from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Sapling’s SMA Series Master Clock and Repeaters are available for immediate purchase.  For more information, please contact The Sapling Company at (888)809-6063 or online at

About The Sapling Company, Inc.

The Sapling Company, Inc. has been a pioneer in synchronized timekeeping systems for over a decade. Sapling clocks can be found in schools, hospitals, transportation centers and corporations throughout the country and all over the world. We feature a complete line of analog and digital clock products for wired clock systems, IP clock systems and our patented synchronized wireless clock system.

Our mission is to supply quality products backed by state-of-the-art technology and first-rate technical support. All of our clocks are engineered and assembled in the United States at our headquarters in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. With hundreds of dealers worldwide, wherever you are, Sapling’s extensive network can offer local assistance and installation.