The Sapling Advantage

Home field advantage gives any team the upper hand. With the exception of the Philadelphia Eagles, who have won one home game in the last year, playing at home gives your squad the upper hand on their competitors. When a team plays in their home stadium, they feel more comfortable. It is a more familiar environment for the players and the coaches. Not to mention the masses of dedicated fans filing into the stadiums drinking a little too much beer, and making the opposing team feel as uncomfortable as possible.

Other advantages lie in the teams strategies. If the coach of your favorite team did his homework, and has a superior strategy that fits best with his players, he gives your team a better chance to win. Every team, as well as every fan, will take every advantage they can get in order to succeed.

Here at The Sapling Company, we offer an advantage of our own. The Sapling advantage can be seen in our synchronized time systems and in our customer service as well. For example, Sapling offers a very unique synchronized wireless system. This wireless system has many advantages that can help your facility run more efficiently, and even help you save some money.

Most synchronized wireless clock systems today have a master clock that sends a signal to the secondary clocks within the system. The advantage that a Sapling system provides is the ability of the secondary clocks to not only receive the signal, but to transmit it as well. Unlike competitors, the Sapling wireless system transmits the signal at a much lower wattage because of the secondary clocks ability to repeat the signal. The low wattage output allows the system to operate on the free frequency range, saving you money on a costly FCC license.

The Sapling advantage can also be seen in our customer service. If you purchase a system from The Sapling Company, not only do you receive the best in synchronized time systems, but the best in customer service as well.