The Matters of March: International Earth Day

This Wednesday, March 20th, the entire planet celebrates International Earth Day, which was created to encourage and raise awareness about the current condition of our beloved planet. On this day in particular, a multitude of environmentally friendly actions are encouraged by scientists, researches and environmental experts. Typically, these actions include: recycling, reduce wasted food, carpool to lower the amount of exhaust fumes, donate used clothing, etc. These are all highly encouraged to help improve our environment over the long haul.

An underrated, but no less effective way of operation to help your facility ‘Go Green’ is to install a Sapling wireless clock system. It’s a creative way for any facility to implement an environmentally friendly tool. In regards to analog clocks, the secondary clocks within the system are powered by alkaline batteries that can last from 5 to 8 years. By choosing the battery-operated analog clocks, you will not only be receiving the most accurate time possible, but helping save energy over the life of your system.

Another way that a Sapling wireless clock system can help a company’s green initiative is the brightness schedule that is applicable to the digital clocks. By instituting a brightness schedule, a facility manager may choose the day(s) and time(s) to set alternate brightness levels that the clock will display (High, Medium, Low and Off). An example of the brightness schedule in action would be in a school building. A typical school building primarily operates between 7 am and 5 pm. During those hours, when students and faculty frequent the facility, the clocks can be set on a higher setting so they are easily visible. Furthermore, the clock system within that school can be set for the clocks to dim to a lower setting or turn completely off after hours, thus conserving energy and money.

Until science is advanced enough in their work to create a civilization on another planet, Earth is our only home. As such, we should do our best to improve its conditions each day and leave it a better place than before. The Earth has provided the essentials for us to sustain life; the least we could do is put forth the time and effort in maintaining its care. Contact Sapling today to find out how our wireless clock system can help save time and energy over the life of your system!