The Many Faces of Sapling Analog Clocks


When equipping a Sapling synchronized time system a customer has many choices to make. Sapling offers four systems, each with a multitude of options to choose from. After choosing a system the next step is to decide whether you want analog clocks, digital clocks, or a combination of the two. Analog clocks are an excellent choice for many different types of facilities. Sapling offers analog clocks in different models for each of our reliable systems. The variety of systems equates to a need for different power sources;  our analog clocks can be powered locally, over Ethernet, or by battery.

Depending on the owner’s preferences Sapling analog clocks can vary quite a bit in terms of appearance. Possibly the most visibly obvious choice a customer must make when ordering an analog clock is shape. Sapling offers all of their analog clocks in both round and square options. Round clocks are available in two sizes: 12″, and 16″. Square clocks are available in two sizes: 9″ and 12″. Aside from size and shape, Sapling also offers design options for analog clocks. Customers can choose from two standard dials or six specialty dials. Sapling also offers the option of a custom dial, which allows the customer to have a name, logo, or image of their choice printed on the dial. In terms of color Sapling offers black and white analog clocks, with the option of color customization available. The last customization option for Sapling analog clocks are the hands. Sapling offers three specialty hand options in addition to the standard hands.

The availability of custom and specialty options  gives you the power to make your system all your own. Our quality analog clocks will look great in any facility, while providing the accuracy Sapling has become synonymous with. Keeping appearance and accuracy ingeniously in sync, that’s just part of The Sapling Advantage!

(pricing may vary on any components considered “specialty” or “custom”)