The Configuration Station – Added Benefits

After years of development and testing, Sapling is proud to announce the release of the newest addition to our website – The Configuration Station. What is The Configuration Station? It is a tool that Sapling created for our dealers, architects and engineers, as well as the end users of our products around the globe to assist these various professionals in the multi-step process of selecting a synchronized clock system for their project or facility. We at Sapling understand the difficulties of piecing together an entire system, with all the options and various products available for each system. This is what led us to create this robust, highly dynamic tool to streamline what was once a lengthy process.

The Configuration Station exists to benefit our dealers, architects and engineers, and end-users at many different levels other than just simplifying which products to choose. These added benefits come in the form of an email. At the completion of The Configuration Station, the user is emailed a file of documents that they selected in the first step. At the user’s discretion, this file made up of engineering specifications, specs sheets and user manuals, and a bill of materials summarizing the system the user created. All of these documents are placed in the file dynamically, based on what products and accessories the user chose while building their system.

When selecting the engineering specifications, the user will be provided with a fully furnished document ready to use when going to bid for a job. Throughout the process of building their system, The Configuration Station takes note of which products the user chooses for their system, and dynamically inserts descriptions of each product into the engineering specification. When the user is finished, the document reads like it was put together by hand.

As The Configuration Station takes note of the user’s chosen products for the engineering specification, it also grabs the precise specification sheets and installation manuals for each product. When the user receives their documentation, every product chosen will be accompanied by its personal spec sheets and manuals, describing every minuscule detail about the product. This means that if the user needs to know the weight and dimensions of various products, they no longer have to go searching through our website to pull up each individual spec sheet.

And lastly, the final document that The Configuration Station dynamically creates for the user is the bill of materials. Just like the engineering specifications and the spec sheets and manuals, The Configuration Station will recall each product chosen by the user. However, this time it will input the product’s complete part number and description on a numbered list for fast-tracked, easy quoting. The user is presented with a document with five columns, showing the item number, part number, description, quantity, and finally a blank spot which a Sapling Sales Representative will gladly fill in with a price when the user is ready to receive the final quote for their synchronized clock system.

With all the added benefits The Configuration Station dynamically provides for its users, we encourage you to come back at your leisure. Build as many synchronized clock systems as you like, and use this resource as it was intended to be used: to assist our customers through what is normally a lengthy buying process. For a more instructional breakdown of The Configuration Station, providing a step by step walk through on how to use the newest development on our website, please click on this link.