The Balancing Act: Education

The Balancing Act Series will delve into how Sapling’s synchronized clock systems can help professionals in several different industries better balance their daily tasks.

Educational facilities can become chaotic at times with all of the different activities transpiring throughout the day. Maintaining a certain level of organization can be challenging for the faculty and staff of any school. Daily operations becomes one big balance act for the staff, and even for the students. Teachers in a high school, for example, must balance all of their daily tasks in order to remain on schedule.

Being efficient in time management is a huge asset that can contribute to a much smoother work week for an educator. Teachers must construct a lesson plan, maintain regular office hours, set deadlines, and grant extensions, among many others. Balancing these requirements can be a weary task, and in order to complete them, an effective time management strategy must be deployed. This begins with the installation of a synchronized clock system.

A synchronized time system is a system of clocks within a facility receiving accurate time updates from a master clock. The master clock is able to receive the updated time from an NTP server or GPS, and distributes it among the secondary clock. Sapling manufactures different types of innovative synchronized clock systems, including Wired, Wireless, IP and TalkBack. Sapling’s systems are seen in schools across the country, and assist in helping educators balance their work load every day.

A synchronized clock system from Sapling will ensure all of the bells in a facility are activated at the same time. This will help minimize late students, which can lead to an easier transitions for teachers. With the entire school on the same, synchronized time, teachers can meet with students punctually during office hours. Synchronized clocks can lead to better time management for teaching professionals, which can help them to delegate their tasks efficiently and balance their hefty workload with more simplicity.

Sapling’s synchronized clock systems have been helping teachers balance their daily operations since the company’s conception over two decades ago. The innovative clock systems of Sapling have been pioneers in the clock industry.

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