Tech Series: How to Install Sapling’s New Square Wireless Clock in 4 Easy Steps

Sapling has just recently made an official product release for their new square analog clock product line. The square clock from Sapling was designed to integrate with the look of any facility, available in both black and white finishes, as well as 9” or 12” sizes. Aside from aesthetics, Sapling also made sure to make the product extremely durable by using high-quality ABS for the case, polystyrene for the dial, and stainless steel for the hands. If you are planning on purchasing one of Sapling’s new square analog clocks, please refer to the installation help below to get your square wireless clock installed in four easy steps.

1. Remove packaging

When you receive your square clock, start by removing the packaging. In the packaging, you should find your clock already assembled with a cap in the backside that slides in and out from the top of the clock. This piece is referred to as the “mounting cap.”

2. Install mounting cap

Take the cap in the backside of the clock and slide it out from the clock. Install the mounting cap to the wall by lining up the upper keyhole on the cap with the upper hole on the switch box and screwing it in. If there is no switch box present, you may just tap right into the wall (wall anchors recommended).

3. Hang and secure clock back-case to mounting cap/wall

First, separate the face of the clock from the back-case. Locate the four tabs on the right and left sides of the clock and push them in with a flathead screwdriver. Do not push the tabs in any further than ¼ inch. This should disengage the face of the clock from the back-case. When the back-case is free, hang it on the mounting cap that is now secured to the wall. There are four points which the back-case will hook on to the mounting cap—make sure all four are locked in. When the clock is hung properly on the mounting cap, insert an anchor screw in the hole in the bottom/center of the back-case to prevent the clock from swaying left or right.

4. Install clock face

With the back-case secured to the wall, take the face of the clock and pop two D-cell batteries into the battery case on the back. Make sure the clock starts to receive a signal from the master clock by checking to see if the hands are spinning. When the clock begins to receive the signal, snap the clock face onto the back-case, making sure all four taps on the left and right side of the clock have properly locked in. And that’s it!

At this point, you’ve successfully installed your square wireless clock in four easy steps. Depending on if you chose an every 2 or 4 hour synchronization with the master clock, the square clock should not have to have its batteries replaced for 5 to 8 years. In the meantime, enjoy the maintenance-free, aesthetically pleasing square wireless clock!