TalkBack to the Future – The Next Generation

Many individuals fail to acknowledge that time management is more-or-less the root to success. Organization, for example, is a trait that is widely used to characterize one who succeeds. An organized individual has a plan, is determined to complete an objective, and does not let distractions set him or her back. I think I can speak for the majority of college students when I say that procrastination is Public Enemy #1 for success. In order to defeat procrastination, priorities must be made and adhered to. When someone’s priority is to accomplish a task, he or she should not waste time if that task is not yet completed. Jumping a little further into the future, adults who work for companies or organizations still have to combat procrastination and manage their time efficiently. A prime example of how this can be achieved is through the use of Sapling’s brand new TalkBack System. This revolutionary wireless clock system will change the way we battle procrastination and give us the upper hand, regardless if we are students, adults, employees, owners, etc.

Before we get into specifics about the system, it is best to identify what makes individuals so prone to procrastinate. Personally speaking, I believe what encourages our subconscious mind to waste time and not be productive is the loss of confidence, which is developed by being confused and/or wasting time. The confusion and time wasting flaws are interchangeable. One can waste time because he or she is confused and does not know where to begin, but one can also waste a lot of time doing more “enjoyable” things. This type of person keeps delaying productive behavior until finally losing the ability to think clearly because of the stress that has been induced from entering a time crunch.

Both of these scenarios suggest that managing time is not simply being aware of the current hour and minute, but also acting accordingly to that information. The TalkBack system is a potential goldmine in its ability to promote these behaviors. It is essentially a wireless clock system with extraordinary features. Disregarding the special features for the moment, Sapling’s wireless clock systems have a long and success-based history of making clients happy, regardless of what industry they work in. Sapling’s wireless clock systems are different from many of its competitor brands in that each clock possesses its own repeater. This makes it almost impossible for a clock in the system to give an inaccurate time. As far as how TalkBack differentiates itself from regular wireless clock systems is that it is able to recognize if it is encountering any conflict, such as battery depletion, signal disruption, and others. On top of that, as soon as the system figures out what’s the issue, it sends an email to its owner alerting him or her of the issue. Its present status is consistently updated via email as well, so it’s very unlikely that any malfunction that the system is experiencing will last longer than the time it takes its owner to check his or her email.

This is the ideal system for every variable of employees and students. Anybody can be a procrastinator. There needs to be minimal confusion for optimal motivation. The likelihood of confusion is generally minimized when time is not being managed. Managing time promotes productive behavior, which in turn demotes confusion. Sapling’s Talkback system gives the most accurate and reliable time that any wireless clock would give an individual. This equips the person with awareness of the time, which is one of the crucial steps to being able to be productive. Simply put, with the TalkBack system being implemented in a building, people can fight back procrastination and optimize their chances of success.