Synchronized Time Systems – Helping Schools Stay on Track

We have officially reached that time of year when summer is coming to a close and students ranging from kindergarten to graduate school are headed back to the classroom. Returning to school not only affects the students, but parents, school administrators and teachers are all on board as well. With so many people having a variety of different duties and responsibilities inside a school, disorder could quickly arise. One way to keep disorder at bay would be the implemetation of a Sapling synchronized clock system.

A synchronized clock system can help in a variety of ways. Firstly, synchronized time can help students and teachers navigate through the school day with the upmost efficiency. When every clock in every classroom is synchronized, students and teachers know what classroom to report to, how long a class period is and how much time they have to get from point A to point B. More specifically for teachers, a synchronized clock system helps them properly coordinate their lesson plans and give students a constructive learning environment. Teachers will be less likely to set a bad example for their students by showing up to class late and will also assist in budgeting the appropriate amount of time for each lesson. As for students, a synchronized clock system can help them perfect their organizational and time management skills that will help them in future careers.

Another important factor that a synchronized clock system can assist with is the safety of the students. When a school building lacks time synchronization, students may be let out for recess at the incorrect time, dismissed from class early or show up to their next class late, all of which leads to unsupervised students. Since it’s the school’s responsibility to make sure that their students are not left alone, the implementation of a synchronized clock system can strongly eliminate these problems and further diminish any legal implications that can arise from them.

Finally, a synchronized clock system can help a school to decrease maintenance costs. A Sapling synchronized clock system has a number of features that allows a school to devote more time the education of their students rather than on clock repairs. Sapling offers automatic Daylight Saving Time updates, immediate correction after a power outage and (depending on the master clock model) the scheduling of bells to signify the changing of classes. With Sapling, you can be sure that all the clocks will display the accurate time, all the time.