Sometimes it’s OK to TalkBack

Growing up, you were told to never talk back to your parents. Meaning, of course, to not sass them when they are trying to get a point across, give instructions or facilitate some type of activity or discussion. Jane Nelsen, author of Positive Discipline for Preschoolers, offers some input on why kids talk back to their parents: “When a child talks back, what he’s really expressing is anger, frustration, fear or hurt.”

Nelson specifies specific reasons as to why a child would talk back to their parents. “I really can’t be sure as to why I used to talk back to my parents, but I’ll never forget the threat of the wooden spoon from my mom, or the fraternity paddle from my dad,” Nelson stated. Regardless of which torture instrument was chosen to barrage my bum, it was never an enjoyable experience. Still, talking back isn’t always a bad thing.

Here at Sapling, we specialize in the engineering and manufacturing of synchronized time systems. One of the four systems we carry is known as the TalkBack Wireless Clock System. Our TalkBack system is extremely practical, in that the secondary clocks in a facility actually talk back to the master clock. Let’s me get more specific. The TalkBack system operates just like our wireless clock system, except that the TalkBack system has our TalkBack Technology built within. This technology allows the secondary analog or digital clocks to send their battery level, signal strength, and any mechanical or display issues to the master clock.

This type of talking back is built for convenience, so I doubt anyone would want to take a wooden spoon to the clocks. So convenient, in fact that the user is sent an e-mail detailing the information that the clocks have given to the master.

The ability to relay important information about all of the clocks in a facility is critical to up keep on maintenance and hardware. The Sapling Company’s TalkBack wireless synchronized system is an innovative way for facilities to easily monitor their time system. For any additional information about the Talkback system or any system, visit our website!