Single? Or Double-Sided School Clocks? That is the question.

Deciding when to use a single or double-sided school clock within a school building can be tedious. Making this decision not only depends on the exact role the clock is intended to take on, but on the design or layout of the school’s building. So when is the best time to use a single or double-mount clock? The truth is there is no right or wrong answer. Only some ideas you may want to keep in mind.

Single-Mount Clocks are one-sided clocks that are used for placement on flat wall surfaces. Depending on the layout of a classroom, single-mount clocks are generally used when mounting to flat surfaces, whether by the door or above the chalk/white board. This is due to the smaller nature of a classroom and the ease in which anyone in the room can turn to any of the four walls to view the clock, regardless of placement. Typically only one of these types of school clocks needs to be placed within the room.

Sometimes, however, two school clocks may be selected for larger rooms or areas in a school. These areas often are places such as gymnasiums, auditoriums or cafeterias. Depending on the setup of these areas, either one double-mount clock or two single-mounts may be desired. Usually, areas such as the gymnasium will require two single-mounts at each end (generally on the wall behind each basketball net). Double-mounts, which are generally hung off the center of a wall or ceiling, are probably less ideal here because they would be constantly subjected to the assault of various sports balls flying through the air.

But when you look at a cafeteria for example, a double-mount could possibly be desired for placement in the center of the room so that all lunch tables are relatively equidistant from the time source. Other places you may find double-mount school clocks are in hallways and lobbies. These areas are usually places of high foot traffic that come from opposite or multiple directions. This usually makes placing a double-mount clock effective at central points or intersections, so that anyone coming from any direction can read the time as they are passing through.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to go about it. Choosing a single or double-mount school clock has as much to do with the placement of the clock on a wall as it does with the location of that wall within the building. Remember, these school clocks often come in both round or square and have various diameters and dials. The possibilities are many, and the outcome up to you.