Selecting the Clock that Fits Your Facility

Whether you step foot into a school, hospital, a corporate office or any other type of building, there are usually many clocks that hang on the walls. Typically, people only notice the clocks when they are wondering what time it is or if the clock happens to be malfunctioning. Some might even say “what’s the big deal” when it comes to the type and style of the clocks in a facility. Well here at Sapling, we take telling time seriously and want to offer our customers a variety of options to help our clocks work for you.

When you choose to implement a Sapling synchronized clock system in your facility, there are two types of secondary clocks to choose from in order to display the time: analog clocks or digital clocks. Listed below is a brief description of the features Sapling’s analog and digital clocks encompass.

Analog Clocks

Sapling offers two different shapes in the analog clock category: Round or Square. Each of these options offers a unique look for any type of facility.

The unique look comes from the many different elements of customization Sapling offers. For example, when you choose Sapling, you have the ability to choose what color the clock is housed in (black, white or custom colors), the size of the clock (Round: 9”, 12” and 16” and Square: 9” and 12”) and can be powered by battery, PoE, 24V or 110/220V. Depending on the layout of your facility, the analog clocks can be mounted to the wall in two ways: Single Mount or Double Mount.

Digital Clocks

Sapling also offers its customers the option of choosing digital clocks to implement within a facility. Sapling’s digital clocks are available with a 2.5” or 4” display and the option of choosing 4 or 6 digits. Besides being housed in ABS plastic, the digital clocks also includes a 7-segment LED display and a shatterproof, polycarbonate filter for ease of viewing and a long-lasting product.

The digital clocks can also be mounted in various ways, including: Single Mount, Double Mount and Flush Mount, which entails the clock being flush with the wall.

These are just a few of the benefits that come along with installing analog or digital clocks within a facility. Depending on the type of synchronized clock system a facility decides to implement, you can mix analog and digital clocks within one system. This allows a facility to place analog clocks in particular rooms, while installing digital clocks in hallways or any other type of room they would like.

For more information about Sapling’s synchronized clock systems or the analog and digital clocks, please contact us. You can also head over to our Configuration Station and start building your custom synchronized clock system today!