Security through Sapling


The news often features stories of robberies and hackers where people have lost valuable objects and information due to inadequate security. Sapling Master Clocks come with many security features, such as a real-time operating system so the code is stored in an unmodifiable flash memory. This makes it impossible to insert malicious code. The software in our clocks doesn’t allow for the characters that are needed to be inputted that can cause viruses or hacking attacks. In addition to disallowing specific characters, we have made the input fields too short for malicious codes to be inputted. Furthermore, we have implemented these security features:

  • Two-level password protection for web-interface
  • We do not utilize full implementation of NTP so our master clocks are not vulnerable to malicious DNS attacks
  • Utilization of a ROM based real-time kernel (subset operating system) rather than a standard operating system

These features are just a few examples of why Sapling is a leader in the synchronized clock industry. For more information on staying safe through Sapling, contact us today.