Scheduling Made Easy With Sapling’s Master Clock

Does your educational facility struggle with the mundane task of scheduling bells to sound? Is there no easy system in place that does this for you? If so, your facility may be lacking an automated, synchronizing master clock system for scheduling period changes and passing time.

Schools throughout the country find themselves struggling with the scheduling of bells dispersed throughout classrooms, hallways and other academic areas. These bells are integral to the continued flow of activities, classes and extra-curricular events. Because many schools are not using bells that are tied into their clock system, clocks often display later or earlier times than the scheduled bell time. This can be extremely frustrating for students and teachers as they are constantly faced with the challenge to adapt to inaccurate clock times. If this sounds like your facility, it may be time to consider a Sapling master clock system.

Sapling’s synchronized clock systems offer significant advantages over old systems used to tell time and ring class bells. The master clock allows a facility to tie its bell system directly into the clock system with the use of the master’s relay capabilities.
This advantage allows for two things:

  • Bells will ring at desired times that correlate to the displayed time on the clocks.
  • Every clock in the building synchronizes to the same NTP or GPS time source.

In addition to synchronizing the clocks with the bell system, Sapling makes scheduling the bells for all occasions simple. Sapling’s web interface allows maintenance crews and administrative faculty to control the bell schedule from any location with access to the school’s network. The interface can be used to create multiple bell schedules including half-day, early dismissal, late arrival and special occasion events. This makes changing a reoccurring bell schedule for just one day as easy as a few clicks of the mouse. If bell schedules must change in only a part of the school, zones can also be programmed in order to individually set bell schedules throughout different sections of a building.

Is your school in desperate need of such a dependable bell scheduler and time source? You may want to consider installing a Sapling masterclock system as soon as possible. There are several features to a Sapling clock system that go beyond scheduling and uniform time. If you are interested in discussing which Sapling system is best for your organization’s needs, please contact us directly for a free consultation. We offer a wide range of products and capabilities that are both reliable and cost-effective.