Sapling’s Video Library

Synchronized clock systems are technical. PoE Injectors, converter boxes, and frequency-hopping are just a few of the terms we use and these can be confusing to those just starting the clock system research stage.

Instead of just reading about our products, Sapling has created a comprehensive video library for your learning pleasure. The videos range from describing some of the systems we offer to more technical videos, all of which contain great visuals and information that will help make your decision process a bit easier

Below is a great introductory video called: “What is a Synchronized Clock System?

To see more informational videos like this, feel welcomed to visit our Sapling video library and subscribe to our YouTube channel where there are even more informational videos, including several of our videos translated into multiple languages as well.

We want to make the research, purchasing and installation stages as easy as possible. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!