Sapling’s IP Clock System – The Peyton Manning of Clocks?

I would like to congratulate you for clicking the link to read this blog. If you are a fan of Peyton Manning, good for you; if not, that is just fine as well because much will be learned. The title of this blog may have your typical clock-industry-blog connoisseur scratching his or her head. How can a serious comparison be made between a device that tells one the present time and an all-pro professional athlete? If one looks at the big picture, it isn’t that hard to figure out. The two can be argued as being one in the same in the following 3 characteristics. Indeed, this isn’t a joke. I am seriously going through with this.

1. Both possess a track record of reliable success that cannot be easily compared.

For those of you that are not familiar with Peyton Manning and his work, he has been the epitome of dominance for roughly a decade. Year after year, Manning consistently performed at a higher-than-average level. Sapling’s IP clock system can boast a synonymous attribute in its own right. This sophisticated device has been increasing efficiency and productivity in all industries on a consistent basis ever since it was first introduced to the public. Many competitors try to compete with these two organization saviors, but only a select few, if any, can say they are in their same league with a straight face. Productivity is expected out of these two, and they don’t disappoint.

2. Both should be viewed as investments to which their true ROIs are LONG-TERM gains.

Make sure not to misinterpret the wording. Peyton Manning produced positive results as soon as he was inserted into his organization, much like a Sapling IP clock system would. Peyton Manning scores touchdowns to keep his team’s defense refreshed and ultimately succeed with his team. Similarly, Sapling IP clock systems synchronize the times of all clocks in an establishment to promote awareness and organization among employees. Such cohesion is instrumental for the success of any organization. The emphasis, however, should be on both of them ultimately becoming an X-Factor for their owners. Both are a little bit more expensive than the average product in their market and the reasoning for that is that they provide consistent productivity that can be relied upon at any time. Sure, there may be situations where they can’t work miracles, but at the end of the day, they are both quality assets that put your organization in its best chance to succeed.

3. Because of their extraordinary consistency, both of their qualities may sometimes go unnoticed, until it’s too late.

For those of you that do follow football, the injury that Manning sustained this last season opened the eyes of many. First, let’s backtrack a little bit. Peyton’s team, the Indianapolis Colts, was a perennial powerhouse for nearly a decade, which just so happened to be during Manning’s campaign in the historic franchise. Everyone knew Peyton was great, but there was a general consensus among fans and analysts alike that Manning had a top-tier supporting cast around him. Then Manning injured his neck and was forced to miss an entire season. The team that was bullying opponents and holding their heads high with a decade of consistent 10+ win seasons (out of 16 games), forgot how to win. A team that went to the Super Bowl and broke several franchise records with an extraordinary 14-2 record finished in a complete 360 without Manning, compiling a comical-yet-sad 2-14 record. So much for the supporting cast. Sapling’s IP clock system does the same. It ensures reliability and accuracy at a level that other types cannot provide. Its web interface makes setting the time of each clock immensely convenient and simple. Its limited need of wiring and independence of repeaters makes this system one of a kind. Once an individual starts getting used to the convenience, advantages, and reliability that IP clocks, and Peyton Manning, provide their owner, it is a very sobering experience trying to conduct daily organizational routines without them.

All in all, these three attributes are just a few that can be used to describe the comparison of Sapling’s IP clock system and living legend, Peyton Manning. Sure, Peyton suffered a season-ending neck injury and the Colts thought he was done and decided not to replenish his contract. It didn’t even take the man one month to sign with another team for a reasonably adequate 5-year, $96 million deal (making him the highest paid player in the league, at age 36). This is because he has proven that he can and will produce once this setback is taken care of. Quarterbacks get hurt every week, or at the very least every season. Missing a game is no big deal for some players. Even though Peyton had to miss the entire season, those were the first games he missed in 10 years (also an all-time record). 10 years without missing a game due to injury… that speaks for itself. Sapling can boast the same quality. The only difference is that Sapling’s clocks do not have necks nor can they become injured. In fact, their crystal case nearly indestructible. Their durability is perhaps their highest touted quality, which cannot be said for a large majority of industry competitors. With that being said, Sapling’s IP clock can take your organization to new heights. Don’t make the mistake that the Indianapolis Colts are going to soon discover they have made. Go with quality. Go with consistency. Go with durability. Go with Sapling IP technology.