Sapling’s IP Clock System – Helping You Save Energy

Currently, the world’s population has surpassed the six billion mark, which means that with more people, the more energy we consume on a daily basis. With an increase in the demand for energy, there also comes an increase in the price for energy as well. This fact is evident in the high, record setting gas prices and in the large cost to heat your home during the winter months. These are just a few of the ways high energy prices are affecting our lives.

With energy costs being so excessive, many corporations and organizations are searching for ways to cut this expense in order to use that money in other areas such as R&D, benefits for employees and to better serve their customers.

Here at Sapling, we know that our customers need accurate clock systems no matter what industry they are in. We also know that our customers want to save on their energy bills. All of our clock systems, especially the IP Clock System, offers up many energy efficient attributes to help cut costs.

Sapling’s IP Clock System provides power and data over the same Ethernet cable. This is called PoE or Power over Ethernet. In this case, power is provided by a PoE injector or PoE hubs and switches. When powering up either the SAP Series analog clocks or the SBP Series digital clocks within your IP clock system, all you need to do is plug in the Ethernet cord for power, no additional outlet is needed.

Within the digital clock system, the user has the ability to schedule a timeframe when the clock display would be at its brightest, set a time for it to turn off and a point in the day when the clock display would dim automatically.

A good example of where these features would be useful is a school environment. Right before faculty members and students arrive in the morning, you can schedule the digital clocks to brighten. As for the end of the day when all of the students and faculty have left, you can schedule the clocks to dim or turn off until the next morning. This feature can help a school, which has clocks in almost every room, save money on energy costs over the long-run.

The IP clock system has many other advantages that can help corporations and organizations alike. Along with the ability to easily integrate with your existing network, Sapling’s IP clock system does not require a master clock to operate. This will save you time, money and the extra energy you would typically expend powering up a master clock.

Saving on energy costs has become an essential part in running a successful business. By integrating Sapling’s IP Clock System into your facility, you will not only save on energy costs, but also gain in productivity as well as having synchronized time keeping solutions in your facility.