PoE Clock Systems – Environmentally Friendly

Conforming to sustainable business practices is an ideal that is frequently preached but rarely practiced. Time and time again, you’ll hear about corporations making oaths to change the world to one that is friendly to its environment, yet all we people see is a stylish green leaf next to the company logo, or contradicting terms being thrown around like “clean oil.” It has gotten so bad that a phrase has been invented to categorize these individuals that don’t live up to their promise: greenwashers. Greenwashing may not be illegal (though it may in the near future), but it’s certainly frowned upon. Educated individuals can frequently spot greenwashing from a mile away, and many will turn their backs to an organization that they believe is performing this stealthy form of deception. Not only can Sapling’s PoE clock system immensely increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace of an organization of virtually any industry, it can allow you to boast about your sustainable business practices without being labeled as a dastardly greenwasher.

Sapling’s PoE clock system comes in both digital and analog formats. The digital PoE clock system holds a very unique feature relative to what is considered regular for clocks. Not only does it display the accurate and reliable present time, it also possesses a timer that can be used to make it turn on or off on its own at selected hours during the day. This is beneficial for certain industries such as education, where the entire building is generally vacated after a certain hour in the day. This saves a substantial amount of energy that would have otherwise been wasted. However, this may entice an individual, one who certainly enjoys the sport of friendly debate, to make a rebuttal indicating that a large portion of industries other than education stay open during much later hours; some even remain open all night. Sapling thought somebody might say that. The PoE clock system also has the ability to dim its LED lights on the digital clocks within the system, which are used to display the time, to a level that still allows the time to be seen yet waste as little energy as possible. This lets hospitals, for example, have their cake and eat it too. Hospital professionals obviously need to know the time at all times and they receive it, but can still rightfully claim that they are conducting sustainable practices.

Nobody likes a phony; it’s as simple as that. If you are going to say that you are being friendly to the environment, planting a green sticker next to your company logo isn’t going to cut it nowadays. People want substance. They want to see legitimate evidence that you are doing something that other company’s aren’t for the better of the environment. Sapling’s PoE clock system can give you just that. This product does it all: it increases the productivity of your employees; it saves you a bundle that would otherwise be spent on maintenance fees due to the frequent system malfunctions that arise with “money-saving” alternative clock systems; and, most importantly, it makes you look good.