Sapling’s Innovations in Synchronized Clock Systems

In the synchronized timekeeping market, innovation is key when it comes to producing products that best serve the needs of our customers. Sapling has been a leading innovator in the field, and we take great pride in our patented technologies which set our synchronized clock systems apart from the rest. We recognized some of the biggest concerns of our customers and came up with solutions that make our systems even more efficient and beneficial. Here are two such technologies:

Built-in Transceivers

Sapling is one of the only manufacturers in the market that carries wireless slave clocks with built-in transceivers. What’s the difference? In a regular wireless synchronized clock system without built-in transceivers, the signal from the master clock can only travel so far, so in large buildings it may be necessary to purchase multiple master clocks or repeaters. Purchasing all of this extra hardware can add up to be quite an expense. By choosing Sapling clocks with built-in transceivers, the closest slave clocks receive the time input from the master clock, and then in turn send that to every clock within its own wireless range. With each individual slave clock passing the signal along, you greatly increase the distance that the wireless signal can travel, which eliminates the need to purchase multiple master clocks or repeaters.

Frequency-Hopping Technology

Another Sapling innovation is that of our patented frequency-hopping technology. When wireless synchronized clocks communicate with one another, they send out a signal which many fear might interfere with other wireless devices in the facility. This is particularly of concern to many who work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, in which a multitude of other devices may operate wirelessly. However, Sapling has found a way to alleviate this concern through our 915–928 MHz frequency-hopping technology. With this innovation, the signal stays strong and clear even if there is interference on a particular frequency.

Because of our desire to produce only the best possible products, we have incorporated innovative built-in transceivers and frequency-hopping technology into our clock systems. It is through these technologies that we have heard and addressed some of our client’s greatest needs. While many synchronized clock systems have a certain set of features in common, there are some differences that make Sapling’s Synchronized Clock system stand out as the top choice.