Sapling to the Rescue

The Sapling Company travels all over the world to various trade shows in order to inform professionals, involved in various industries, about the value of synchronized time systems. The Pennsylvania based company sends representatives to a number of different places throughout the United States, Canada and UAE, just to name a few. Trips like these are great for the company, but they can be tiresome for the traveling reps.

One factor that our reps rely heavily on is the efficiency of the airport. If the airport is not operating on time, then the flights can be delayed, the baggage claim can be slow, and reputation can be damaged. Installing one of Sapling’s synchronized clock systems into an airport can benefit travelers of all sort.

Regardless of whether or not you are traveling for business or pleasure, your experience at the airport should be satisfactory. Here’s how Sapling can help:

  • A synchronized clock system  can assist with more accurate arrival and departure times
  • By providing synchronized time on all clocks throughout an airport, customer satisfaction can increase due to more time awareness. 
  • Maintenance fees will decline due to a superior clock system with fewer irregularities. For example, when Daylight Saving Time occurs, Sapling clocks will automatically update to the correct time. Also, if a power outage ever occurs, once power is restored, the clocks will correct to the accurate time.
  • Travels and airport employees will all be operating on the same accurate time source

Our innovative synchronized clock systems have been helping travelers for the past two decades. The benefits are substantial to any airport who wishes to assist their patrons arrive at their next destination on time.

For any additional questions about Sapling or the types of synchronized time systems that may be right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us!