Sapling Time Zone Clock Options

Time Zone Clocks are typically used in hotels, corporate offices, conference rooms, and transportation facilities in order to display the time in various locations from around the world.

When placing a product prominently in a business, the product design and aesthetics are key factors to providing the best solution that will match the facility’s look. Sapling Time Zone Clocks are not only a functional enhancement to a facility, but also an aesthetic improvement due to the many styles and options Sapling offers.

Both analog and digital displays are available, and each type of clock has multiple style options to choose from.

Analog Time Zone Clock Options
Analog clocks are offered in either round or square shapes in various sizes. Round analog clocks come in a black case or a sleek brushed aluminum case, while square analog clocks come standard with a stylish metallic gray front rim and either a black back case or a white back case. Customers can also select from various hand styles, dial styles, and they can even place their company’s own logo on the clocks.

Digital Time Zone Clock Options
Digital clocks are offered with 2.5” digits or 4.0” digits, and with either 4 digits (HH:MM) or 6 digits (HH:MM:SS). The digital clocks are offered with a red display as standard, as well as with optional white, green, or amber displays.

If desired, mixed Time Zone Clocks with both analog and digital clocks are also available!

Sapling’s new website,, gives customers the power to design their own Time Zone Clock by selecting their preferred options, saving them, and sending their configuration to a dedicated Sapling representative for a quote. For more information about Sapling Time Zone Clocks, visit us at today!