Sapling Spotlight: Sam Smith, Marketing Coordinator

In the marketing department of almost every industry, there is a lot of responsibility that is spread among multiple employees. However, each member of Sapling’s marketing team is able to exceed expectations when it comes to responsibility. A possible explanation could be that Sapling’s secret is valuable learning experiences given as early as when they’re just hired. One thing is for certain, Sam Smith is a fine example of a Sapling marketing employee. An intern turned Marketing Coordinator, Sam has been doing meaningful work for the company ever since the first day he walked into the Huntingdon Valley office. That with hard work and tireless effort, one can be promoted from the intern level up to the coordinator position.

1) What do you like best about working at The Sapling Company?
The best part about working at Sapling is the atmosphere. While everyone keeps a very professional attitude, we’re also able to relax and have fun.

2) How long have you been working at Sapling, and how did you come to be in your current position?
I’ve worked at Sapling for just about a year and a half. That would include working as an intern. While still at Temple University, I interned here and after graduation was offered a full-time position.

3) What do you do at Sapling?
I’m the marketing coordinator. Basically, I’m in charge of organizing trade shows, much of the website, technical writing, and a whole lot of other miscellaneous things. I also attend some of the trade shows now and then.

4) What has been your proudest moment?
Probably when I was offered the full-time position from intern to coordinator. I guess it showed that I had done well as an intern and proven myself a good fit for the company.

5) What are your hobbies outside of work?
Hobbies are skateboarding, music, automotive, and video games.

6) What is an interesting fact about you?
I recently did an entire engine and transmission swap on my car. Just fired it up this past weekend.

Right from the start of his employment, Sapling had trusted this avid skateboarder to help make the company better and he delivered immensely—which shows immensely through his work. This Temple graduate is an inspiration for marketing interns everywhere. He has demonstrated that one can handle more than what is typically expected if the mindset is right and that work ethic is put forth.