Sapling Spotlight: Natalie Andree, National Account Manager

Once a customer has decided to invest in a Sapling Synchronized Clock System, they often encounter some questions throughout the purchase and installation process. When a question arises, there are several means of contacting Sapling to get the answer you need. One option may be to log onto the live chat function on the Sapling website, or to pick up the phone and dial up a member of our sales team. Regardless of which method you choose, you will likely end up receiving top quality assistance from our National Account Manager, Natalie Andree. Whether she is providing part numbers, recommending a dealer, or referring a member of our tech department, Natalie can be heard throughout the day providing quick and cheerful help to every single caller. However, you’d be surprised to learn that sales service is only a very small part of Natalie’s job. As the National Account Manager, Natalie is very involved in handling some of Sapling’s largest sales. The entire Sapling team has worked hard to develop a product that we are proud of, and Natalie works throughout the day to ensure that our products are made available to our clients and recognized for their high level of quality.

1) What do you like best about working at The Sapling Company?

The opportunity to witness the growth of the company from the early beginnings and see what has been accomplished in the last decade. Also, the freedom and chance to voice your opinion and make a difference in the organization. We also have a very generous and understanding president!

2) How long have you been working at Sapling, and how did you come to be in your current position?

In February 2012, it will be 11 years! Our very much missed Sales Director, Tom Panek, developed this position for me. It was a natural transition from customer service since I dealt with all the customers and since I had many relationships with them.

3) What do you do at Sapling?

I am the National Account Manager for Sapling. This entails handling all of our prestigious OEM partners.

4) What has been your proudest moment?

Reaching the 10-year mark with Sapling. Also….finding my fabulous husband at Sapling!!

5) What are your hobbies outside of work?

Hanging out with friends and family.

6) What is an interesting fact about you?

I was born in Russia and speak fluently.

Working in Sales seems natural for Natalie, as she has such a hardworking yet sociable personality. As Marketing Coordinator Sam Smith says, “Natalie is the best of both worlds. While being professional, polite, and thorough with her work, she won’t miss an opportunity to let loose and have a little fun as well.” Whether interacting with clients or coworkers, Natalie is always working to better the Sapling experience for everyone involved.

Keep it up, Natalie! Be on the lookout for another Sapling personality in our next Sapling Spotlight blog.