Sapling Spotlight: Jennifer Dooling, Business Development Representative


With the end of February upon us, let’s wrap up the month by shining the spotlight on one of Sapling’s employees! This month, we would like to introduce you to Jennifer Dooling, Sapling’s Business Development Representative. Jennifer is relatively new to Sapling, so let’s get to know her a bit better!

What do you like best about working at the Sapling Company (so far)?

So far, I like getting to know my coworkers. They are a great group of people who are very helpful, friendly and fun to be around. I am relatively new to Sapling, but I already feel apart of the team!

How did you come into your position at Sapling?

My last company went out of business so I was looking to join stable, growing company where I can use my skills and past experiences. I was thrilled to find this position at Sapling!

What are your job duties?

I was hired to focus on the healthcare sector and building new business within that industry.

What has been your proudest career/life moment?

I’d have to say my proudest life moment was when I purchased my very own condo, with my very own money at the age of 25. It was always a dream of mine to own my own condo. It was a goal that I worked very hard to achieve and it has taught me to continue to work hard for things that I want in my life.

What do you enjoy doing outside the office? (activities, sports, volunteering, etc.)

When I’m not at the office, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. As for my hobbies, I like to draw and paint.

What’s a unique fact about you?

When I was in high school, I owned a four-foot savannah monitor lizard! One unique fact about this type of lizard is that they are not from the desert, but from the coastal grasslands of Ghana.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

In my early 20s, I had a great sales mentor who taught me that sales is all about relationship building and the importance of being a team player. Everything I learned from him, I still keep with me today. I will be forever grateful for the advice!

What has been your favorite location to travel to?

Sitka, Alaska. Not only is it a beautiful destination, Sitka is full of a rich cultural heritage that I got to explore while visiting!

What would you want to bring with you if you were stranded in a deserted island?

A Yacht haha!

If you have any additional questions for Jennifer, please leave us a comment and she’ll get back to you. That’s another edition of the Sapling Spotlight. Stay tuned to see what employee we shine the spotlight on next month.