Sapling Spotlight: Alana Houle, Regional Sales Manager

Sales people are seen as the face of most companies; they are the ones out in the field, traveling on the front lines representing themselves, their company and their product. Their job is to present all three of those aspects in the most positive light possible, which in turn will persuade people in doing business with our company. Luckily, here at the Sapling Company, we have a top level sales department.

One beloved member of our sales department that we are continually thankful for is Alana Houle. Whether out on the road interacting with customers or in the office helping integrate new people onto the staff, her energy and passion is felt throughout Sapling. Alana is this month’s focus of the Sapling Spotlight!

1. What do you like best about working at the Sapling Company?
Oh boy, where do I begin? First off, the people I have met and continue to meet are one of the best perks of Sapling. Not only do I get to work with some great folks whom I now consider friends, I get to meet and work with some incredible, talented people within our customer base (whether that’s our dealer network, end users and/or the A & E community). The wealth of knowledge, both in my professional and person life that I have gained from each individual is invaluable and something you certainly cannot get out of a textbook!

Watching Sapling grow has been another ‘best’ for me. When I first started we had 3 sales people…and no marketing team. Now our sales and marketing team consists of 14 professionals and still growing strong!

2. How long have you been working at Sapling, and how did you come into your position?
It will be 7 years in July (July 7th to be exact….but who’s counting). I graduated college with a Marketing degree and knew I wanted to get into sales. I saw an ad for Sapling, interviewed and took a leap of faith and accepted the job…good move on my part!

3. What are your job duties at Sapling?
I’m a Regional Sales Manager. My territory includes, PA, NJ, NY, DE, IL and SD. As an RSM my main duties are to ensure we get our products specified into jobs by working with our dealer network, end users and the architect and engineering community.

Working closely with our marketing manager we recently became an AIA provider. We can now offer Learning Units for our courses we provide to the A & E Community. I am the Point of Contact for the AIA and have helped train the sales team on our presentation, guidelines and processes.

4. What has been your proudest career/life moment?
A couple years back I was named “Manufacturer of the Year” from one of our dealers. Thus far, I’d say that was my proudest moment in my career.

5. What do you enjoy participating in outside of the office?
I love to be with my family and friends. Some of my favorite things to do are: go to concerts, hike, play tennis, travel anywhere and everywhere, have FUN and try and live life to the fullest on a daily basis.

6. Give us a unique fact about you.
I have been to 12 Bruce Springsteen concerts…and counting. Bruce, if you’re reading this and you need a synchronized clock system…CALL ME!

7. Best advice that you have ever received.
“You fail 100% of what you don’t try…take a risk”

We are so appreciative Alana took that risk and is now a phenomenal representative of herself and all of us here at Sapling. Alana, thank you for your time and all your hard work!