Sapling Spotlight: Alan McGinley, Sales and Marketing Associate

It’s time for another edition of the Sapling Spotlight!

This month, we’d like to shine the spotlight on our Sales and Marketing Associate, Alan McGinley. Alan works part-time at Sapling while also working towards finishing his degree in Marketing at Temple University. Today, Alan is wrapping up his internship here at Sapling and we wanted to give him a proper sendoff by placing him in the Sapling Spotlight. Alan is hardworking and fun to be around. His bright personality has brought much joy into our office and we will certainly miss him.

We’ve asked Alan some questions in order to get to know him better. Without further ado, meet Alan McGinley.

1. What about Sapling made you want to apply to be an intern with us?

I actually found out about the position through Temple University. The Fox School of Business does a great job helping students find internship and employment opportunities through the Center for Student Professional Development. What really made the opportunity at Sapling so appealing was the assurance I would get actual professional experience. Management made it clear the position was not a “coffee fetching” type of internship. I felt as though Sapling would utilize my skills in a challenging environment. Also, Sapling operates in an industry I was unfamiliar with and I relished the opportunity to gain experience in a new industry.

2. What was your overall experience like?

I really enjoyed my time at Sapling, the people here were all so welcoming and helpful from the get go. As a marketing major, Sapling’s sales/marketing internship program gave me a great chance to participate in many correlated job functions. At different points during my time here I have helped in lead generation, territory prospecting, promotional marketing, and content development, all of which are directly related to my degree. In addition to the great job experience I also met some really awesome people!

3. Do you have a favorite moment/experience while working at Sapling?

I think what I’ll miss most is actually lunch time. There are a lot of characters here and everyone has a pretty good sense of humor. It’s nice to get a little break in the workday and socialize with your co-workers. Everyone gets along well and you’re guaranteed to have a few good natured laughs.

4. What are your plans for the future after college?

After I finish my undergraduate degree this summer I hope to get a job within my field. Also, I plan to apply to graduate schools, and would like to start my MBA in fall of 2015. Eventually, it is my goal to own my own business that provides a unique product or service.

5.  What are your hobbies outside of work/school?

I was formerly the president of my fraternity and I am a member of the American Marketing Association. I am a sports fanatic, diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan, and perennial fantasy football powerhouse. In addition to spectating, I also try my best at intramural football, basketball, and softball. Along with my love of sports I also consider myself a discerning movie buff and music lover.

6. Give us a unique fact about you?

I have always wanted try my hand at standup comedy but have yet to muster up the courage to get on stage. I fear I may be the only one who thinks I am funny, but it’s definitely on my bucket list to give it a try one day.

From all of us here at Sapling, we wish Alan the best of luck!