Sapling Receives Recognition from the 2011 Good Design Awards

What is the 2011 Good Design Awards? This is a very prestigious, widely-recognized event in which a select group of architects examine a wide range of products, from tools and lighting all the way to furniture and textiles. The architects take into account every detail of the product, identifying its innovation, originality, and its ability to go beyond what is considered ordinary. The event was started in 1950 in the great city of Chicago, IL—the first city of modern architecture and design. The companies that enter their products in the competition range from even the smallest designer/manufacturer to some of the biggest corporations out there in the world today.

Where does Sapling fit in to all of this? We went under review by the architects at The Good Design Awards and received an award for our wireless clock system. We were categorized as one of the “Personal” products. Other than finding aesthetic appeal and originality, one of the biggest components of the judging process with The Good Design awards is the look towards sustainability and efficiency. This is where we believe Sapling’s Wireless Clock System succeeded. Given the fact that our wireless clocks are a low-power solution, while maintaining limited battery usage (up to eight year battery life) and preventing the need for high-powered transmissions or added accessories, sustainability and efficiency are some of the main benefits of our system.

Though we believe that it was the sustainability and efficiency that really tipped the scales for the award to our wireless system, the new design of our wireless clocks surely didn’t prevent the judges’ decision either. With new, high quality ABS housing for our digital wireless clock, the external antenna commonly seen on other wireless digital clocks has been eliminated—improving the overall look of the clock. For the analog solution, our newest design features a more modern set of hands and dials to choose from. Taking a different route from the standard dashed 12-hour round clock, we offer dials in Roman numeral form, as well as many other variations. Additionally, we’ve added a square clock line to our wireless, as well as IP and wired analog clocks. Aside from being a great solution in terms of efficiency, our wireless clocks are just as pleasing to the eye.

Since we at Sapling received notice of our recognition from The Good Design Awards for our wireless clocks, there has been nothing but elations from members of the team. All throughout our office and facility, people are proud of what this company has been able to accomplish. Without the hard work from every department, this award would not have been possible. Sapling is proud to accept the award from the 2011 Good Design Award, and we are looking forward to 2012.