Sapling IP Clock Systems in Correctional Facilities

When executives of correctional facilities meet for their annual budget meeting, swift decisions are made. These decisions affect employees’ jobs, the amount of money that will be accounted into certain departments, and so on and so forth. Large decisions are made at these meetings that affect all stakeholders of the organization. Out of all the important topics that are covered, the clock system that is installed in the correctional facility is one that is rarely given much thought towards. Topics in which direct importance can be associated with are typically the ones that get the most attention, which includes safety for the employees, compensation for the employees, the overall environment of the prison, etc. By doing this, executives are, in a way, shooting themselves in the foot, for they could solve multiple issues at once if they would think outside the box. The quality of the clock system that is implemented in an organization can make a significant impact on the operations that take place within; this holds especially true for correctional facilities. Sapling’s IP clock system does more that simply tell the time, which can greatly benefit a correctional facility.

Before explaining how an IP clock system can greatly increase the quality in a correctional facility, it is important to be aware of how this system is any different from the others. Typical clock systems run using a master clock, repeaters and secondary clocks. The master clock is the device that is used to establish the time that is wished to be displayed by the secondary clocks (the clocks that are seen by people in the facility). If the secondary clocks are too far away from each other, the probability of inaccuracy increases. Repeaters are used to remedy such a situation by expanding the range of thefrequency of the master clock. Although this doesn’t necessarily guarantee that a malfunction is averted, it certainly decreases the likelihood of it occurring.

Sapling’s IP clock system works a little differently. This device transfers data from the master clock to the secondary clocks via a web interface. Each secondary clock contains its own unique IP address (much like the one a computer has), which is used to distinguish the time that is wished to be displayed. Once the data is programmed in the web interface, immediate synchronization is implemented. This also cuts out the need for repeaters. Additionally, Sapling’s IP clock system comes with a monitor, which frequently updates the most present status of each secondary clock. This allows the user to spot any needs that a secondary clock might conjure up, such as new batteries, and act accordingly in a prompt manner. By giving its user the ability to possess complete coordination of all the slave clocks, inaccuracies are a thing of the past with the use of an IP clock system.

Correctional facilities can increase greatly in quality with the implementation of Sapling’s IP clock system. When all employees have complete awareness of the time to the very last second, they are much more efficient and less likely to make a faulty error. This also increases the organization of the activities that take place within the correctional facility. Inmates will have total knowledge of how much time is left during lunch, when they need to be back in their cell, etc. In addition, the master clock that comes with Sapling’s IP clock system can sync with other technologies in a correctional facility, such as the bell that is used for lunch or recreational activity, the locks on each cells door and many others. These technologies can be programmed to perform their action in coordination with the master clock, giving the guards less things to juggle. This also allows the employees to be more organized and can help mitigate the risk of a problematic altercation occurring in the correctional facility.

Sapling’s IP clock system is a top-quality device that does much more than tell the correct time. It helps keep order in an establishment, which is detrimental for certain organizations like correctional facilities. Although it may be more expensive than a typical clock system, its potential return on investment makes it one worth considering. Superior time-management in a correctional facility averts lawsuits, makes the environment safer for employees and inmates, and brightens the overall image of the establishment… as much as it can, anyway. With all that being said, if you are a correctional facility executive and are attending a budget meeting in the near future, call a Sapling representative to get more information; you and your organization will be glad you did!