Sapling Introduces New Shorter Mounting Pole


Sapling is pleased to introduce our new shorter mounting pole option! Working with Sapling’s digital and square analog clocks, the short pole option is ideal for low ceiling applications and facilities that utilize large equipment that could interfere with low hanging clocks.

Capable of only being mounted from the ceiling, the short pole is 7.6” (19.3 cm) in length (without clock(s) attached), as compared to our standard pole length of 13.7” (34.79 cm) and is available in Mineral Black as standard.

The part number for Sapling’s new short pole is: SAB-4GD-01S-0. 

Here at Sapling, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of clock mounting options in order to meet a facility’s needs. Sapling’s latest product release allows for an alternative mounting option that accommodates many different industries, including healthcare, education, transportation and many more.