Sapling in Amusement Parks

An amusement park is a place where large numbers of people gather to enjoy different attractions, rides, and even other special events. Amusement parks are located across the country, and people will travel all over the place to find their next thrill. Amusement parks play host to sometimes thousands of guests at once. This means that their employees must be properly trained, and ready to handle the hordes of people. These employees are expected to maintain a certain level of efficiency and vigilance due to the high level of risk that is present at the parks. Amusement parks can achieve smoother daily operations if they install a synchronized clock system.

The Sapling Company has been working towards providing clock system businesses as widespread as amusement parks for over two decades. Sapling specializes in the manufacturing of synchronized clock systems. Our Wireless System with TalkBack technology has many features that can be beneficial to amusement parks. The TalkBack system relies on the master clock, which is the heart of the system. Once the master clock is configured to its desired settings, it sends out a signal to the secondary clocks with the same, accurate time. The secondary clocks then receive the signal, and repeat it to further secondary clocks within the system. This allows all of the clocks in the system to run on an accurate, synchronized time.

The TalkBack technology implemented within the Wireless System allows the clocks to relay information back to the end user. This information includes the clocks battery strength, signal strength, status updates and mechanical or display strength. The user will receive an e-mail notification regarding the status of the clocks making it easier for them to keep up on maintenance.

A Wireless TalkBack system from The Sapling Company can help eliminate any time discrepancies among employees. This can lead to easier shift switches, which can allow the theme park to run as efficient as possible. Also, all of the clocks in Wireless Talkback system will update automatically after any power outages or Daylight Saving Times. This can save the amusement park money on costly maintenance fees.

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