Sapling Digital Double Mount Housing

When you make the decision to install a synchronized clock system in your facility, you want to make sure you order the precise variety of clocks to suit your application. Due to the wide range of timekeeping needs we encounter, Sapling offers a variety of features regarding both function and style to make certain that each individual customer is receiving the best product for their needs. One of these options is a double mount housing. Not sure what this feature entails? This blog will further explore the topic of double mount housings for digital clocks.

A double mount housing is a means of securing your clocks to the wall or ceiling. It allows two clocks to be secured to a pole and fastened perpendicularly, rather than parallel, to either the wall or ceiling. This method of set-up allows for the clocks to be seen from both sides and from much further distances, because the observer has a better vantage point of the clock face. Sapling offers their own double mount housing options for both 4-and 6-digit digital clocks, as well as 2.5” and 4” displays.

Double mount housing has a variety of applications. This method of installation goes perfectly with digital clocks, which are often used in areas in which clocks must be easily seen from a distance. The bright, clear display of Sapling digital clocks paired with a double mount housing installation will allow your clocks to be seen clearly at all times and from many angles. This is particularly useful in areas such as long hallways in which people are coming and going from both directions. A digital double mount housing is also useful in areas where people are often in a rush and do not have the time to hunt down a clock, and go stand directly in front of it to read the time, such as in transportation facilities. Double mount housing allows them to see the clock quickly from far away.

One of the great things about a double mount housing is that it is not difficult to install. When you receive your purchase, you will be given two digital clocks, a pole, and the double mount attachment and base. The pole can be adjusted to be shorter or longer depending on your preference. Perhaps the most difficult part of this installation process is trying to decide which of many locations is the best to hang your new digital clocks.

I had seen double mount housing digital clocks in schools, transportation terminals, and other facilities for years but never knew the name for them. However, I most certainly appreciated their ease of visibility and convenience. When you decide to install your own synchronized clock system, it may be time to look beyond the typical wall mount clocks and explore the option of double mount housing.