Sapling Contributes Toward Economic Growth

U.S. automotive plants have been working hard to produce more and more every month. These factories hit a bench mark in August, bringing their output up .7% in that month alone (USA Today). This increase in factory output is an optimistic sign that manufacturing could help spark growth in the economy for the latter half of the year. Its .7% rise in production is the biggest increase since December of last year.

Car plants have been very busy as of recent. They have increased total production to 5.2% after only hitting 4.5% in the month of July. In fact, factories in every industry have been stepping up their production. Industrial production in general rose .4% in August after following a zero change in the month of July. Factory output is essential to the success of industrial production, and output efficiency can be maximized with the assistance of a synchronized time keeping system.

With the help of The Sapling Company, achieving maximum efficiency has never been easier for a production plant. Sapling’s synchronized clock systems can benefit production in the follow ways:

  • Revolutionize the Production Process: Sapling’s system will ensure no breaks in schedule as each component is manufactured on time. Resources can be distributed effectively by management where and when they are needed.
  • Maintenance Savings: Sapling’s clocks will update automatically during Daylight Savings and power outages saving on maintenance costs.
  • Employee Efficiency: There will never be discrepancies with break time and shift changes. Workers will always be time conscience with Sapling, which will maximize output.

The Sapling Company is benefiting the production of goods with their time keeping systems, and contributing to an increase in factory output. This increase is contributing to a push in economic growth as of lately.

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