Sapling Clocks at the Olympic Village


98 events within 7 sports. 88 different participating nations. 2,873 athletes. That was the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games in a nutshell. When a city is awarded the honor of hosting the Games, a great deal of planning, construction and infrastructural upgrades need to take place in order to prepare for the influx of athletes, media and fans from all over the world.

Out of all the facilities built specifically for the Olympic Games, there is a special location solely for the athletes, deemed the Olympic Village. The Olympic Village is a residential area where only the athletes, trainers and Olympic officials reside during the Games.

Throughout the two weeks, sporting events took place during various times each day. It was essential that the Olympic athletes arrived at the venue where their event was taking place on time in order to prepare, participate and compete for a medal. We are proud to share that Sapling had a hand in helping the athletes at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi; our digital IP clocks were installed in the residential areas within the Olympic Village!

Our IP Clock System has many advantages that make us stand out among the competition. Each of Sapling’s IP Clocks has its own built-in web interface that can be easily accessed from a web browser. This allows the system’s administrator to update the settings on a specific clock from the comfort of their office or from any computer within the facility. Some of the settings that can be updated on the digital IP clocks include the brightness level of the display (High, Medium, Low and Off), the format the time is displayed in (12 hour or 24 hour mode) and even the ability to activate the digital clock display to alternate between the time and date.

Another feature that can be accessed through the built-in web interface is the option to enable E-mail Alerts. With this feature, Sapling’s IP clocks are able to recognize and report certain instances to the system administrator via email. The types of emails that can be sent out, include notification after a power failure has occurred, any issues regarding major time changes, display functionality and any complications receiving the accurate time from an (S)NTP server.

Depending on the size of your facility, there could be hundreds of clocks installed throughout a building. Instead of monitoring each clock individually, Sapling offers our IP Monitor software, which displays each IP clock in the system, the type of clock (analog or digital), the clock’s status and much more. Besides monitoring the clocks, this software allows the administrator to send a message or a real-time  countdown to all the clocks within the system, all from one location.

These are just a few of the many advantages included with a Sapling IP Clock System. For a more detailed description, head on over to our website in order to learn more.

Here at Sapling, we pride ourselves on providing accurate and reliable synchronized time systems to many industries, located all over the world and we are proud to have been a part of the 2014 Winter Olympic journey!