Sapling Assisting Campus Security

Campus security at any college or university is a full time job. These individuals work around the clock to maintain a safer environment. Campus security is answering phone calls from distressed students, supervising student activities, and monitoring security cameras, among other things. A campus security team can function more efficiently with a synchronized clock system.

The Sapling Company specializes in manufacturing synchronized clock systems and can be extremely beneficial to a campus security team. Sapling’s systems have the ability to sync every clock throughout campus by displaying the same, accurate time. A system from The Sapling Company begins with a master clock, which distributes the time to all of the secondary clocks within the facility. The master clock is web based and the settings of the master can be managed from any computer with an Internet connection. For example, the clock system’s administrator can schedule an update for Daylight Savings Time, enter in NTP servers in order to get the accurate time and so much more.

A synchronized time system in a dormitory, classroom or other campus buildings can contribute to a safer environment. All of the security staff will be operating on the same time, which can help coordinate shift changes and break times. Security staff members who are working in the dormitories can easily manage security alarms and adhere to emergency protocols with the assistance of a Sapling clock system.

The safety of students, teachers and visitors at a college or university is top priority. Along with helping security staff stay on schedule, Sapling’s clocks have a number of additional features that can assist a university or college campus:

  • If the power goes out on campus, once power is restored, the clocks will correct to the accurate time.
  • The batteries in the analog clocks can last from 5 to 8 years.
  • The digital clocks can display messages such as FirE or bELL (Depends on type of system chosen)

For any additional questions on The Sapling Company and how synchronized clock systems can help keep a college or university safer, please contact us!