Sapling’s Analog Clocks – Customizable to Meet Your Needs

A typical analog clock looks relatively simple in construction and operation. On the outside, analog clocks look like they are made up of hour, minute and second hands, a dial that displays the numbers, housing to hold the clock and a compartment to place a battery or another type of power source. While Sapling’s analog clocks contain all of the above mentioned parts, they can also be customized with many additional features. These features can help you match the design of your facility, no matter the industry.

Firstly, Sapling offers their analog clocks in two different shapes: round or square. The round option offers a classic style that can integrate with any facility, including schools, hospitals and corporate offices. The square clock provides a unique design and is also the winner of the 2011 Good Design Award as well as a 2012 IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America) Finalist. Each shape also comes in different sizes. The round clock is available in 12” or 16” and the square clock is available in 9” or 12”.

Sapling also offers diverse ways to mount the analog clocks. The first mounting option is Single Mount and this form of housing allows for one clock to be mounted on a wall for easy viewing. This type of mounting is ideal for an office setting, classrooms, hotels and many others. The second mounting form is Double Mount and this type of housing allows the user to mount two clocks from a wall or ceiling, providing maximum viewing capabilities. This application is ideal for hallways, manufacturing plants, transportation facilities, among many others.

Depending on the industry, many facilities have different forms of infrastructure inside the buildings in which they operate. Because of this, Sapling offers a multitude of ways to power the analog clocks within a system to suit any facility’s existing needs. You can power the analog clocks in the following ways:

• Battery (Wireless and TalkBack Systems only)
• 24 Volt
• 110 Volt
• 220 Volt
• Power over Ethernet (IP System only)

* Power Source option depends on what type of clock system you choose.

These are just a few options that Sapling offers with the addition of an analog clock system within a facility. For more information on the various clock systems and the additional analog clock options, please contact us!