Sapling Accessories – Enhancing a Synchronized Time System

Here at Sapling, we provide state-of-the-art synchronized time systems to a wide array of industries, located all over the world. Along with the clocks themselves and the various synchronized time keeping systems, Sapling also provides a variety of accessories that can enhance any clock system within any industry.

Below are a few accessories that Sapling offers:

Elapsed Timer – With the installation of an elapsed timer, a facility manager has the capability to shift from the time display on the digital clocks to a count up or countdown feature. An elapsed timer can help out tremendously in a hospital setting when a Code Blue situation is occurring. Code Blue is a situation when a patient requires resuscitation or needs immediate medical attention. The elapsed timer’s countdown and count up capabilities make it substantially easier for doctors and nurses to monitor the time under extremely stressful conditions. This helps doctors and nurses maintain composure as well as makes sure that the patient is receiving the proper treatment or medicine at precisely the correct time. The elapsed timer works exclusively with Sapling’s digital clocks.

Wire Guard– This particular accessory is designed to protect the clocks in harsh environments. Sapling’s wire guards are constructed with steel rods and dipped in a zinc coating in order to provide maximum protection in any type of setting. One setting where you would commonly see wire guards protecting the clocks would be in gymnasiums. Because a wide range of sports are played in gyms, the clocks are in danger of getting struck with a basketball, baseball or any other type of sporting equipment. By implementing Sapling’s wire guards, you can be sure that the clocks are receiving the most amount of protection in any area they reside in. Wire guards can be purchased along with an analog or digital clock system.

Wireless Repeater – Used in conjunction with Sapling’s wireless system, the wireless repeater can extend the time signal when longer distances between clocks are present. Upon receipt of the wireless signal from the main transmitter or any Sapling clock in the field, the wireless repeater can transmit up to 1 mile in open space. With the addition of this accessory, a facility manager can breathe easy knowing that all clocks within the system are always receiving the most accurate time signal possible.

Listed above are just a few accessories that Sapling offers in addition to its synchronized clock systems. For our full line of accessories, visit our website or contact a Sapling representative for more information!