Safety First with an IP Clock System

Overseeing a large facility can be difficult, especially when you begin to list the countless tasks that must work together to make sure operations within the building run efficiently. Facilities such as hospitals, schools, or businesses, need many responsibilities working in unison to gain efficiency like tech support or waste management.

However, the safety of the building and people within is the most important task. Lacking awareness could cause misfortunes for not only the business, but harming of the safety of the people within the facility. Other than security systems, installation of a Sapling IP clock system not only improves operational efficiently through synchronized time, but the building’s security system will become significantly simpler to manage.

A Sapling IP clock system can be highly beneficial in strengthening a facility’s safety. Sapling IP Clocks receive their time through GPS or (S)NTP server within the network infrastructure. Their ability to easily integrate into any existing IP system helps also sync up other items within the building’s infrastructure.

In regards to safety, this could be beneficial because it could hook up to other security systems around the building like Closed-Circuit Television, for example, to monitor the activity on the outdoor premises along with the inside of the building. These security tapes contain a time display, which allows the reviewer to determine precise time of any possible incidents. With Sapling IP Clocks in a facility, the time on those closed-circuit security camera tapes will never be unclear because it is receiving the same accurate time as every system clock in the facility. Disturbances that occur can be thusly be recorded and reported, providing the proper evidence to take suitable action.

No matter the type of facility, the addition of a Sapling IP synchronized clock system into a facility can greatly increase safety. The safety of fellow employees and human beings should never be taken lightly; every precautionary measure must be taken. There is no value that can be placed on human safety. Sapling IP clocks not only improve operational efficiency, but can help increase safety and peace of mind for all involved.