Reasons to Install Wireless School Clocks

During the years of elementary, middle, or high school, you may remember commonly looking up at a clock on the wall and seeing it was minutes or hours off. You might even remember seeing clocks that would not even move—stuck in time since the moment of their mechanical failure. These school clocks, as old and antiquated as they are, could not stand the test of time. Which is why as each one dies, a replacement or an entire tear-out must be in order. But how will the user know which new, highly developed clock system will yield the best results? For school clock replacement or an entire new installation, wireless school clocks have proven to be an optimal choice. Please refer to the following reasons when the old school clocks die, and wireless clocks become the ideal solution.

1. Replacement for Individual Clocks

Many schools cringe at the idea of replacing an entire system at once. When the budget calls for cuts and the resources of a school or school district are spread thin, the cost involved with installing a brand new clock system might be a better topic for discussion when the school is in a more stable position financially. However, this doesn’t mean there is not a solution for a school with a suffering budget. Wireless clocks, when analog and battery powered, require no power supply, making installation painless. All they need is a transmitter to send the correct time and a spot on the wall for mounting. Because of their ease of installation, wireless clocks can be a perfect solution when the school can only afford to replace the faulty clocks in the existing system. This means that all existing school clocks in the building that still work do not have to be ripped out, and can still function flawlessly with newly installed wireless school clocks. With this solution, the school does not have to provide the upfront costs of a new system, but can still fix any issues regarding inaccurate time in their building.

2. Replacement of an Entire System

When a school or district is in the financial position to make the investment towards a brand new system, wireless school clocks are still one of the most practical solutions out there. Integrating any brand new system into an existing infrastructure can be difficult with any kind of system, whether it’s lighting, security, or air conditioning systems. In retrospect, wireless school clocks do not have this issue. Battery-powered, analog, wireless school clocks do not require technicians to tap into the wall for power, nor run new wiring throughout the walls in the building to a centralized point. When the new wireless clock system is purchased, all the technician needs to do is power up the transmitter, insert the batteries into the back of the clock, and then hang it on the wall. That’s it! After all is said and done, the school will have saved money upfront through the ease of installation, and all issues with inaccurate time will be alleviated.

As the old clocks in schools everywhere start to kick the bucket, wireless clocks are available to any school or district for a direct system replacement, or individual replacement for non-functioning clocks in the system. Because of their ease of installation, as well as the low cost of installing a wireless clock, schools are finding this technology as the ideal solution when it is time to deal with the inaccurate clocks currently established in their buildings. When your school has become tired and frustrated with the issues caused by the faulty clocks on the walls of your building, inquire with The Sapling Company as your manufacturer for wireless school clocks and begin the transition from your antiquated clock system to a new, wireless solution.