Prioritize With Sapling

The top priority in any hospital is the care and safety of their patients. Healthcare facilities strive to give their patients the best possible care while under their supervision. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who are working in the facility do their best to make sure the patients are well taken care of and have a comfortable stay. With so many different events going on simultaneously at a hospital, the staff must remain vigilant. Critical situations are seen on a daily basis and healthcare professionals are expected to deliver the best possible results during these moments.

If hospitals wish to alleviate some of the stress from the doctors and nurses, they could benefit from the installation of a wireless synchronized clock system from Sapling. A wireless synchronized clock system has many unique features that can assist the staff of a hospital while they are focusing on helping their patients.

A wireless synchronized clock system encompasses a master clock, which transmits the time signal to the secondary clocks that are spread throughout the hospital. Unique to Sapling’s system is the ability of the secondary clocks to both receive and transmit the time signal. This means that if a secondary clock is positions a distance away from the master clock, the secondary clocks can provides the time to neighboring clocks providing an extremely reliable source of synchronized time throughout a hospital.

Having everyone in the hospital operate on the same, synchronized time can help in many ways. Medication can be delivered and major events, such as Code Blue, can be recorded with more accuracy. The staff will always be operating on the same, accurate time – there is no need to worry about the clock’s time drifting. If a hospital chooses a digital clock from Sapling, an Elapsed Timer can be connected to the clock. With an Elapsed Timer, a user can switch the display from the time to a count up or countdown display.

The Sapling Company has been manufacturing innovative time systems for over two decades. Our wireless synchronized clock system is among the most unique available today. Our secondary clocks are unlike any other, and can provide reliable, synchronized time to healthcare professionals in any hospitals. With the staff operating on the same, accurate time, patients can get the best treatment possible.

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