Prescheduled Countdowns

In schools, keeping the student body on track is usually done with bell systems. The bells sound and students have a predetermined amount of time to travel from one class to another. The problem is that students don’t quite know how much time they have left between class periods or during their lunch break. Do they have an extra 30 seconds to fill up their water bottle? Will they be late if they drop off an assignment a teacher’s office? With a Sapling Synchronized Clock System, this is easily remedied.

Sapling Digital Clocks Prescheduled Countdowns

Sapling Master Clocks with Relays are able to have a countdown upgrade that can send prescheduled countdowns to all digital clocks in the system. All students and faculty will see exactly how much time they have left between class periods, increasing efficiency and decreasing tardiness. The Sapling Prescheduled Countdown Feature is an add-on to Sapling Master Clocks with Relays and works with 2-Wire, Wireless, and TalkBack Systems.

The same solution is seamlessly applied in offices, manufacturing plants, and other facilities. Need to time a shift or lunch break? This countdown feature will let everyone know how much time they have left.

All countdown times and schedules are user-changeable, providing a flexible solution to meet any facility’s needs.

Don’t wait any longer to keep everyone on track – contact Sapling today!