My 1st Day at Sapling

My name is Matt Mazzante, I am a senior at Temple University in Philadelphia, and today was my first day interning at the Sapling Company. I am majoring in marketing at Temple and minoring in management information systems.

Unsure of what to expect, I was greeted with a warm smile and a firm handshake from an employee at Sapling. He introduced himself and then introduced a few more employees to me. I was shown where I would be working and a general concept of what I would be working on. Since I am a marketing major, my title is the marketing content developer. This means I will be assisting in the development of content in relation to Sapling and its mission.

After about an hour of getting set up and looking over some of the product lines, I got a tour of the entire facility. Sapling is surprisingly larger than it appears. With a giant warehouse for shipping and a ton of inventory; the premise was bigger than I had previously anticipated. After the tour, I had concluded that the people there were very nice. Everyone greeted me with kindness and enthusiasm.

I’m sure that customer satisfaction is through the roof with this company due to their ability to make people feel welcome. Also, due to the product itself. I don’t know the full depth of the products yet (since this is my first day), but from what I have seen I am very impressed with the technology.

I guess I never took the time to think about the clocks in a building. I never stopped to think that years ago when I was in high school all of the bells were synchronized and that every clock in every classroom was displaying the exact same time. I’ve on been here a few hours and I can see that Sapling provides a very easy platform for any establishment to configure the appropriate times needed for synchronization. I am very excited about the upcoming months I will be spending at Sapling, not only to sharpen my marketing techniques with a great company, but to establish relationships with my new coworkers.