Military Application: Where IP Clocks Come In

With such a wide coverage throughout the globe, military camps, bases, office complexes, and airstrips have become more common than ever. The military presence of both the U.S. and many other countries has grown out into neighboring countries as well as in the backyard of our own territories. Along with the sprawling of military infrastructure comes the need of military system application. Every device, even down to the clocks in the military facility, is of the utmost highly developed technology—a requirement for any government with the responsibility of protecting their own country. Military facilities are consistently using NTP servers, master clocks, and many other timing devices that take accuracy of time to another level. However, when it comes to the clocks in the military base or airport, exactly what technology is being used? This might be something than never crossed your mind, but among all the timing technologies used in military application over the years, one becoming more and more common in the present day is the IP clock system.

IP clocks are an advanced timing solution with features that stand out as a perfect fit for any military application. Additionally, when choosing an IP clock system provider such as The Sapling Company, there are a couple of particular features not available in other, more generic systems. As we all know, the technology used in the military is progressing often. And with these features of Sapling’s IP Clock System, keeping up with that progression is never an issue.

1. Zone Clock Application

Zone clocks are the clocks you most likely see in facilities such as airports and bus stations. Their main function is to tell the time in the current location as well as the corresponding time in another area of the world. While most common in transportation, and sometimes even in corporate offices where international business is conducted, military facilities find a time zone clock very resourceful. With the prominence of military bases and facilities that may cross a country’s international borders and even overseas, having an accurate time display for your current location and the location of your correspondents can be very helpful. With Sapling’s IP Clocks, setting up a time zone clock display has never been easier. One of the greatest features about Sapling’s IP Clocks is that each clock can be individually programmed. This means that if the facility manager of the military base or airport wanted to set a different time zone for four or five clocks in the system, it can easily be accomplished through each clock’s individual web-based control panel—providing a time zone clock display with a fast and effortless setup.

2. NTP Server Application

While Sapling’s IP Clocks do not require the intervention of a master clock in the system to distribute the time (like other clock applications), Sapling still offers a master clock that will work in conjunction with their IP clocks when desired. However, this is no normal master clock. When the user purchases Sapling’s Master Clock with their IP clock system, they are provided with a device that can act as an NTP server—a time telling tool that can distribute highly accurate time internal to a facility to all networked devices. With the NTP server master clock, not only are the IP clocks served very accurate time from the master clock, but all IP based printers, phones, and computers on the military facility’s network will be synced to the same internal time source. Additionally, in a facility such as a military base or office complex where information is very sensitive, the NTP server allows the facility to avoid breeching their firewall to access the internet for the time—providing security for all classified information on the network.

With Sapling’s IP Clock System, implementing features like zone clock application and an NTP server without breeching any firewalls can benefit the facility immensely. You probably wouldn’t expect that something that seems so insignificant in the operations of a military facility could provide such benefits. With Sapling’s IP Clocks, military camps, bases, office complexes, and airports can keep up with the ever progressing technology implemented into these various military facilities.