Master Clocks and Third-Party Systems

sapling-sma-3000-combined-image-mOne of the many features of a Sapling master clock is the ability to interface and trigger third-party systems via programmable relays. Any Sapling 3000 Series Master Clock with relays can be programmed with schedules and events, controlling multiple devices from one location.

Standard features of a Sapling Master Clock with relays include:
• 4 or 8 programmable relays
• 255 schedules
• 800 event
• Sapling Master Clock built-in web interface
• Scheduling software for programmable relays

Going green? The Sapling Master Clock with relays allows a person to have all of the lights in a building set to turn on or off at a specific time. With this feature, no longer go room to room making sure the facility is dark before leaving.

Got bells? In schools, this master clock can easily command bells and tone generators to sound. They are triggered via a contact closure at predetermined times according to class and break schedules. Simply configure how long you would like the bells to sound via the built-in web-interface.

Utilizing a master clock to trigger third-party systems will save the user time and energy. No longer worry about lights or bells, let a Sapling Master Clock handle it all. For more information, contact us.