Master Clock Relays: How They Benefit 3 Different Facilities

If you already have a wired or wireless synchronized clock system installed in your facility, you are already receiving the benefits of synchronized time via a master clock. For those facilities that have chosen to install IP clocks, installing a master clock is an option for additional features. But what exactly are these additional features, and how can you get the most benefit from your master clock? I will discuss one of the best features of a master clock below, and how it can benefit three different types of facilities.

There are two types of master clocks available in a Sapling Synchronized Clock System. These are the SMA 2000 and SMA 3000 Series Master Clocks. While both are beneficial to your system, I will be discussing the additional benefits of an SMA 3000. One of the most diverse benefits of an SMA 3000 Series Master Clock is the programmable relays. Two of these relays can be used to interface with previously installed wired systems from other manufacturers. This is very convenient, because it allows you to add on or replace clocks in your systems without uprooting the wiring and starting over—a major cost saver. Additionally, depending on which you choose, your master clock will have four to eight programmable relays that can interface with other electronic systems in your facility in order to consolidate many systems into one streamlined arrangement, and provide for better organization and ease of use.

Schools will see increases in organization when they make use of their master clock relays, because they are able to consolidate their bell system with the clock system. Bells are an integral aspect of most schools, and they keep all teachers and students working on the same schedule. Therefore, an automated bell system is of the utmost importance, so that the bells are always consistent and timely. Additionally, multiple schedules can be pre-programmed into the master clock so that the bells will always ring according to the needs of the school, and administration will never have to scramble to make up a last-minute schedule.

Hospitals will also benefit from the programmable relays of an SMA 3000 Series Master Clock. Particularly in difficult economic times, it is important to be sure to cut costs where possible and save money for the future. Hospitals constantly have countless pieces of equipment, lights, and other electronics running, which can cost a significant amount in terms of electricity. However, by interfacing these systems with the SMA 3000 Series Master Clock, this cost can be reduced. If patients are to be asleep at a certain time, the SMA 3000 can be used to turn off lights in patient rooms at a specified time. Similarly, lights can be turned off in break rooms or any other room that is not in-use consistently.

Much like hospitals, corporate offices are trying to find ways to cut costs during the economic downturn. The SMA 3000 does not always need to be used to interface with large systems such as lighting, however. It can also interface with smaller electronics that are often found in an office complex, such as printers and coffee pots. By ensuring that these smaller electronics are not turned on overnight or on the weekends, it will add up to significant savings. In addition to being cost efficient, master clock relays also offer the option of consolidating the company alarm system with the clock system. This provides safety and peace of mind for the entire company, as no one ever has to worry about failure to set an alarm or lock a door—the master clock will take care of that for you.

Master clocks are the central hub of many synchronized clock systems, and their timing capabilities are helping many facilities across the world. If you are thinking of purchasing a master clock, or already have on installed, be certain to take full advantage of all of the features it has to offer. Whether you are in a school, hospital, office complex, or another other number of facilities, features such as programmable relays will make your organization top-notch in terms of reliability, organization, and consistency.