March Trade Shows: Healthcare and School Clock Debuts at ASHE and NFMT

As we ease out of the winter season and spring approaches, Sapling’s trade show season follows close behind. From March and on, Sapling will steadily increase its trade show attendance for 2012. In March specifically, we’ll be at two major, nation-wide shows to touch base with existing customers, attain new customers, and show everyone the innovative new products we’ve developed. These two trade shows are the ASHE PDC show in Phoenix starting on March 5th, and the NFMT show in Baltimore starting on March 13th. There, we will be showing some of the newest healthcare and school clock products we’ve been working on such as the Talkback Wireless system and our new square clock line.


Sapling has been a consistent exhibitor at the ASHE shows in the past. However, this will be Sapling’s first time to the PDC. At the PDC, you’ll find Sapling’s Joe Robertson and Mike Spagnoli working the show. They’ll be talking about Sapling’s newest products and activity, and handing out knowledge and brochures on our product.


Sapling has been at NFMT for the last three years in a row, and for good reasons too. This show gives us a chance to connect with some of our most important customers, as well as get in touch with some of the key players in the education/K-12 industry. At the show, you’ll find Remy Cousart and Alana Houle working the booth. They’ll be there to field any questions, hand out brochures and free give-a-ways, or demo some of the latest school clock products Sapling has been working on. If you do check out the NFMT show, you might even get a chance to see Sapling’s marketing team, consisting of both myself, and marketing manager Mitch Gobetz. We’ll be there to both oversee the booth, as well as walk the show to get some info on the industry’s latest news. We’re also available to take any questions or demo any of Sapling’s products.

In the months after March, Sapling will be attending many more shows, on both the regional, national, and international level. To keep up with our continuous attendance of these highly regarded, well-known trade shows, keep checking our blog to see where we’re headed next.