Make Sapling IP Clocks Part of your New Year’s Resolution

With the Holidays and New Year’s Eve festivities behind us, it’s time to focus on those New Year’s resolutions! So many Americans resolve to make positive changes in their lives at the start of every year. Many see it as a chance to start over, an opportunity to achieve something they’ve always wanted, or a time to set reachable goals for themselves. Personal goals related to exercise, weight loss, or building stronger relationships are common objectives. In addition to these personal ambitions, goals are also set for businesses, schools, hospitals and other facilities. Many business owners, school presidents, and facilities managers want their institutions to be run with greater organization and efficiency. Adding Sapling’s Synchronized IP Clock System to a building will certainly help to accomplish this goal.

If you’re asking yourself why the investment in a clock system is a good resolution for the New Year, here’s why: If efficiency is one of your goals, it cannot be accomplished without accurate time displays. When clocks are slightly behind, or slightly ahead, meetings don’t run on time, classes don’t start promptly, and medical staff can not stick to appointment schedules. Furthermore, if everyone is not on the same page with the time, precious minutes are lost due to time-related misunderstandings. A few wasted minutes here and there adds up at the end of the day, deterring productivity. With Sapling’s IP Clock System, each digital or analog clock receives the exact same time from an NTP (Network Time Protocol) server. The server provides the most accurate time signal possible so that everyone follows the correct time and can stick to their schedule throughout the day.

In addition to everyone reading the same time, and that time being accurate, when the IP clock is paired with a master clock, your facility can increase its efficiency and organization even more. With a master clock, bells can be programmed to ring, doors can be set to lock, and lights and electronics can be set to turn off—all at pre-set times. This capability allows for such tasks to be done automatically rather than manually, so that time can be allocated to other jobs and energy can be conserved when appliances and lights are not needed.

While many individuals let their resolutions slowly slip away, forgetting about them completely by the end of January, with Sapling’s help, your business resolutions will be sure to stick. All you need to do is make the initial investment in an IP clock system, and our products will do the rest—keeping everyone on track, on time and in sync for 2012 and beyond.