Keeping Time in the Largest Mall in America


The day to day activities of the employees of a mall are often overlooked – especially in a mall like the Mall of America. One of the largest malls ever built, the Mall of America is home to over 520 stores and has 20,000 parking spaces! With over 40 million visitors every year, the Mall of America is the most visited mall in the world. Located in Bloomington, Minnesota, most of the annual visitors to the mall come from all over, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Dakotas, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio and Canada.

With over 500 stores and 40 million annual visitors, the mall has a long list of employees. From store managers and staff to mall security. The Mall of America employs over 12,000 people and the daily routine of the employees is something not noticed by the masses who visit the mall. A routine which includes being punctual and “clocking in” and “clocking out” on time, changing shifts, setting up for events taking place inside the mall, etc.

One way to assist mall staff in running a more efficient operation is with the help of Sapling. Sapling specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of synchronized clock systems. One of the four main systems Sapling’s sells is a wireless clock system, which can ensure that all mall employees will be operating on the exact same time, no matter what section of the mall they are in.

The wireless synchronized system is built around a master clock in which the customizable settings are easy to change on a web based, user-friendly program. The master clock then transmits a signal to its neighboring clocks. The clock’s neighbors receive the signal and then retransmit it. This ingenious system allows for the master clock to work on a low-powered transmitter, which won’t interfere with other wireless devices operating in the mall.

The Mall of America, or any mall in general, would be a much more efficient facility with the assistance of Sapling. Don’t be afraid to contact us, we will answer any questions you may have.