Keeping in Sync when the Weather Doesn’t

The holiday season means something different to everyone, however this year it meant severe winter weather for much of the United States. Three days before Christmas a winter storm bearing the moniker Gemini tore its way through the central and southern states,  bringing with it tornados and wind gusts that damaged homes, uprooted trees  and brought down power lines. Before all was said and done Gemini dumped as much as a foot of snow in parts of New England and the Midwest. Michigan seems to have gotten the worst of Gemini’s wrath, with over 600,000 utility customers loosing electricity for as long as a week in some locations.

Thousands also experienced power loss in Vermont and Maine. Order was restored in the wake of Gemini just in time for many to celebrate the New Year, but just a day later Winter Storm Hercules reared its ugly head. Hercules blanketed the Midwest and Northeast with snow and brought with it arctic temperatures. The arctic outbreak continues and is expected to reach its peak today and tomorrow nationally. Experts are calling this cold spell the worst in the past two decades, with temperatures expected to challenge all-time lows in the South and Midwest.

Here at Sapling we are unable to control the weather, however we can help prepare for when it does not cooperate. The implementation of a synchronized time system from Sapling can alleviate concerns regarding power outages brought on by severe weather. All of Sapling’s systems feature automatic time correction in the event of a power outage. As soon as power is restored to a facility equipped with a Sapling synchronized time system the clocks will receive a signal from the master clock and display the accurate time. If a synchronized clock system were not in place a manual reset of every clock would be necessary. Manually resetting each individual clock is a mundane and time-consuming task; it is especially costly when severe weather causes a litany of other concerns within a facility.

Even if there is no power outage it is important to provide accurate time during a weather emergency. Poor weather often causes employees and businesses to differ from normal schedules making accurate time even more crucial than usual. Schedules in schools are especially sensitive to winter weather, luckily Sapling specializes in the education field. Sapling’s synchronized time systems can be seamlessly integrated with bell systems, making early dismissal and delayed scheduling a breeze. It is no secret that winter weather causes a ton of problems, why not mitigate some with a synchronized time solution from Sapling?