Keeping Facility Maintenance in Check

Facility management can become an enormous task for anyone. There are so many factors to consider when having to manage the equipment in a venue. Facility managers are associated with many different types of facilities, including schools, stadiums, convention centers, offices, shopping complexes, hospitals and many more. One of the major issues that facility managers undertake is making sure the equipment, in whatever venue they are managing, is working properly.

Facility managers and their staff must keep an eye on the clocks placed throughout a building. This can easily become a daunting task if you are managing a large facility with many, many clocks. What if the clock batteries die, or Daylight Saving Time occurs, or the clocks aren’t displaying the same time? These are just a few of the issues that could arise and spur maintenance into action.

Sapling can help solve these issues with the installation of a TalkBack wireless synchronized clock system. This technologically-advanced system gives the secondary clocks the ability to report back their status to the master clock. This allows the facilities managers to easily pull this information about the clocks located throughout the entire facility.

With a TalkBack system from Sapling, facility managers are able to conveniently receive status updates from their synchronized clocks. The TalkBack system enables the user to receive e-mail updates about the clocks regarding information like:

  • Battery strength
  • Signal strength
  • Mechanical or display strength.

The TalkBack wireless clock system gives facility managers the upper hand on maintenance. With the addition of TalkBack technology, facility managers can have all of the updated data they need about their synchronized clock system right at their fingertips. The TalkBack technology from Sapling is on the forefront of innovation in the synchronized clock industry and this innovation allows facility managers to better control their environment, thus improving their facility as a whole.

For any additional questions on The Sapling Company and their Wireless Synchronized Clock System with Talkback Technology, please do not hesitate to contact us!