Keep Your Manufacturing Plant on Time with Synchronized Clocks

Manufacturers are constantly struggling to meet demand and supply needs in today’s global market. The ability to remain efficient and cut costs in production is an essential key to boosting a firm’s bottom line. Most manufacturers find that the best way to reduce financial waste is to ensure that production is completed in a timely manner without jeopardizing the quality of the products being manufactured. This makes fabrication and assembly matters time sensitive and requires the use of accurate, synchronized timing dispersed throughout your facility.

When it comes to manufacturing lines, it is not uncommon for products that involve heating, mixing or freezing to necessitate timing to ensure they reach the proper physical state or quality that is expected of them. Employees are often responsible for this tracking and errors may occur without the use of accurate timers and clocks. Manufacturing crews are also expected to complete many repetitive tasks in a given period of time. Workers and managers alike find the use of timers beneficial to tracking the efficiency of production step-by-step. Proper timekeeping makes all workers active and aware of their abilities to complete assignments in any given period.

If your manufacturing facility is looking for synchronized wall clocks, companies, such as Sapling, manufacture wireless, wired and even IP clock systems that have easy-to-use countdown capabilities. Whether in the office, lunchroom or in the warehouse, every clock provided by Sapling will display identical, precise time. Wherever the need of a timer is essential, Sapling’s digital synchronized clocks may be used to display time as well as count down or up. With the simple use of a programmable elapsed timer, a digital clock can begin specified countdowns or count-ups with the simple push of a button.

In addition to solving all timing needs within your manufacturing facility, Sapling master clocks can also be programmed to schedule bells and display emergency notifications. Tying bells into the clock system ensures that employees do not forget to take required lunch breaks or clock out in time for the end of their shifts. Because manufacturing plants contain hazardous materials and/or dangerous equipment, having the ability to display “FirE” is extremely important as well. Not only will installing a Sapling synchronized clock system provide your production facility with the accurate timing it needs, it will also assist in alerting employees in the event of an unsafe situation.

Ultimately, time is of the utmost importance for any manufacturer’s plant activities. Implementing an accurate clock system can save both time and money, especially with the added benefits of Sapling’s event scheduling and emergency notification capabilities.